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Retro Synthesis takes place during one day. After suffering a tragedy, Harrison Noels, an experienced police detective, is forced to get over his hardships and take another case, just like everybody else. The investigation leads him to the worst corners of New Venice – a future, dystopian metropolis. Its shady sectors, dubious nightclubs and abandoned warehouses are the witnesses of brutal conflict in the society. The question of humanity is still at stake.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the world suffered drastic climate changes. Living on lands wasn’t safe anymore, people decided to take their chance to survive on giant city-platforms built above the oceans. Retro Synthesis takes place in an alternate 1999 in one of such cities. New Venice is an oceanic metropolis known for great culture, high tech, but also for its regime and expansive system.

Prosperity comes with a price, society is ruled by tough hand. New Venice is divided by sectors, newer area for wealthy citizens and sectors near water surface are for the poor where crime and brutality rule on the streets.


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This demo is very good, a bit short, when is the full version coming out ?

please, whene full version ???

Greetings from Poland

indie developer can be this good

oh man look at the graphics, i cant feel my eyes

Amazing art direction :D

I really enjoyed playing this, hope you'll be able to finish it :)

Great demo. The game is dead?

aww its not a full game, But keep up the work, This looks amazing

Hope you finish this game

Thumbs up, good luck with the full game!

Cool Demo. Hope you will be able to finish this. I am not a huge fon of the thumbs-up thumbs-down coversation making but it is a quick solution. The Voice acting was realy great and good sound design overall.

This is one of the best cyberpunk indie-games.

Hope you could finish it once

Didn't manage to go far but it has a storng ambiance and a very nice look ! I got a crash though so I'll send the crash report ^^


Can't wait for the release.


Gave it a go...

Very cool demo! Can't wait to play the full game! 

A really good DEMO, we can't wait for the full release. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

This was an amazing game and enjoyed the demo! can't wait for the full release nice job guys! 

Thank you for making this. I thought it was absolutely amazing, it reminds me of both Fifth Element and Blade Runner. I hope this turn into something larger. Here is my playthrough on Twitch.

This game, a demo even, is one of the most impressive pieces of work I've played for a long time, and I don't say that lightly. You have manged to pull me into this world in such a short demo and I only want more. The amount of detail in the environment, the attention to news stories and fully voiced dialogue, all plays into the overwhelming sense of mystery and wonder amplified by all of the retro-futuristic technology and the short set pieces that remain fully interactive. The detail in the comic book aesthetic, down to word effects coming off of objects and the visual thought process of unlocking a safe are astounding, both assisting the player and adding to the visualization of the character's mindset. I understand that the original kickstarter was unsuccessful, and for that I'm sorry. But given this demo, I can only picture success once enough people know about it. I wish you, your team and this game the best. Please let me know if there is any way I can help. Voice acting, retweets, anything. This games needs to be a reality.

Thanks for kind words :). You can try spread the word better than we did :D. Our antisocial skills suck.


【Retro Synthesis】

Thanks so much to the developers

No, we THANK YOU :).

I would really like to play any updates or new areas of the game you release. I promise to do a full walkthrough and would love too.

This looks amazing, but can we please get at least Unity's launcher options? It automatically defaults to screen resolution and, in trying to cover the demo for a video, I was getting about 0.77 frames per second. With no resolution or quality settings this might be hard to record for anyone without a 720p monitor. (I'm using 2 1080Ti SLI with a 4k monitor)

In the meantime, use a utility called 'Borderless Gaming' to work around the issue and let us know if it works for ya!  It worked on games as old as Freelancer (from the early 2000s) by the defunct Digital Anvil & Microsoft Game Studios.

Run the game in windowed mode and then see if Borderless Gaming works.  Sometimes it may stretch/distort the image but make sure your GPU settings are set to 'preserve aspect ratio' and it should enlarge the image properly.

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I really love that this is the suggestion because it's the first thing I tried! :) Though I probably should have set the window size a lot smaller, just threw it into borderless windowed mode which probably hurt more than it helped.

Update: Managed to force it into a 1080p window but it completely broke the game making everything unresponsive. Nothing would respond to any input so I couldn't even get the game going.

Hi, we will add Unity's launcher. New version should be on Monday :).